Friday, July 13, 2012

Moses supposes his toes are roses

So far so good this week with the gluten free.  I had an oops on Monday and got a burrito before I even thought about it, but other than that I've had no gluten this week.  I'm also now over a week with no caffeine, and I feel much better.  No headaches anymore!

Wednesday night I used my gluten free bread and some daiya cheddar- vegan gluten free grilled cheese with a side of blueberries and an apple cranberry chutney to dip. yum!

The Grilled Cheese was munchkin approved.

Thursday I was out of the house most of the day.  I had two client meetings, one of which was a hour and a half drive away.  So I left the house around noon, had my meeting, and then drove straight to the co-op to pick up Michy for our date night. 

We had the most delicious gluten free pizza at Hillside pizza.  I cheated a little and had cheese... but the gluten free crust has eggs and diary in it, so it seemed kinds silly to have the vegan cheese if I was already cheating.  This was so great and really satisfied my pizza craving. I paired it with a yummy Virgils Root Beer


After dinner, Michy and I headed to the movies to see the 60th Anniversary Big Screen Showing of Singing in the Rain.  Singing in the Rain is probably my favorite movie of all time.  Its also a special movie to Michy and me.  So we had a delightful date, sharing movie-theater treats (junior mints in popcorn) and enjoying a classic film.  

After the movie we headed home and I was able to get some munchkin time before bed. 

This morning I snuck out of bed early to go to the Morning Flow yoga class at Heartsong.  It was a great class and set a wonderful tone to my day. 

On my way back into the house, I noticed how pretty our morning glories are looking.

Tomorrow we working on cleaning up the flower bed around the house.  I have 7 cubic yards of mulch arriving at 10am!


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