Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Making some diet changes

Nothing too exciting going on the last couple of days.  Preparing for court, writing, visiting clients.

I'm trying very hard to make some dietary changes to help alleviate some symptoms of a condition I have called Interstitial Cystitis. IC is basically a painful bladder disorder.  Its like having a UTI that never goes away. Doctors aren't really sure what causes it (though it is likely an autoimmune disorder), and although there are medicines they aren't compatible with breastfeeding and they don't always work.  Food can be a big trigger- with certain foods causing "flares" that can last hours or days.  Things like caffeine, acidic foods, spicy foods, and lots of preservatives  are the things that can set me off... but this seems to vary from person to person.  It is also possible to go through periods of remission... which I did while I was pregnant.  My symptoms stayed pretty low for most of the last year of so with breastfeeding.  But they seem to be ramping back up, and I'd been really lax about the diet because I had been feeling so good.  Coffee, acidic fruit, wine, spicy burritos- all no nos! *sigh* Why are all my loves bad for me?

Anyway... so back on track. I haven't had any caffeine in a week.  I'm slowly weaning myself away from the decaf as well, one cup in the morning.  I just love coffee so much.  I love the way it tastes, and smells but the acid is terrible for me. I'm looking for a good coffee substitute.  I enjoy herbal teas but they don't hit that same craving.

I've been trying to be smarter about my fruit choices... which is so hard with all the delicious ripe stuff at the farmer's market.  But I picked up a pint of blueberries yesterday and steered clear of the tantalizing plate of cut-up pineapple while socializing last night.  I also declined a home-brewed beer.. which leads me to the next big change I'm trying.

I've been seeing a lot of research on how gluten affects autoimmune disorders like IC.  I picked up a book the other day called the Better Bladder Book, written by an RN with IC who has been in remission due to her diet charges, exercise and stress reduction regime.  One of the big things she talks about is going gluten free... and its not the first time I've seen that suggestion. We already have a lot of gluten free foods in the house since Michy is gluten intolerant, so making the leap shouldn't be too difficult.

So I've been making good use of our bread machine to make fresh gluten-free, vegan bread.

I'm glad it is summer because there are lots of tasty veggies to eat, which makes the restrictions a little easier.  The munchkin and I walked over to the farmer's market yesterday and picked up our farmshare.

Then we had a delicious lunch of gluten free bread, hummus, and sliced heirloom tomato that I got at the market. 

I want to set a good example for the munchkin and focus on yummy healthy food that helps us feel good!

Off to make a cup of herbal tea...

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