Monday, July 9, 2012

Annual Baseball Outing

Every summer we go and see a Pawtucket Red Sox game with my parents.  It is always a highlight of the summer.  I didn't actually catch much of the game this year since I spent most of my time toddler-wrangling, but it was still fun.

We headed out early to first stop near Boston to pick up Micah's brother, Mark.  Unfortunately for me the baby woke from a little nap just as we were pulling out of the T lot where we picked up Mark and was inconsolable, crying "mamamamamama" and signing milk.  So with some backseat contortions I was able to feed him the whole rest of the drive.  Awkward, but better than hearing him scream for 40 miles.

We got to McCoy Stadium with about a half hour to spare, which was good since we had to park a ways away. We met up with my parents in front of the box office and headed up to our seats.  We didn't get to sit next to each other this year since my mom just recently had surgery on her foot and had to get seat in the handicapped section.  Luckily for her the handicapped seats where right behind home plate.

Our seats weren't too far from them, so it was easy to walk over there with the munchkin once in a while so he got plenty of Nana and Pepere time.

We had lots of yummy, once-a-year, junk food.  Then after the game we went back to my parents house for some takeout and to let the munchkin play for a little bit before heading back into the car for 3ish hours of driving.  First to Boston to drop off Mark, and then back home to Western Mass.

Thankfully the baby crashed asleep on the last leg of the drive and I was able to get him up, changed, and into bed with a minimum of fuss.

Jacoby Ellsbury started for the Pawsox- how cool is that?  and Clay Buchholz was the starting pitcher.

Enjoying delicious french fries

We had fun seats, just above a walkway to the concourse so no one in front of us.

Playing at the giant baseball glove

With Nana

Playing at Nana and Pepere's House

Today I will be heading out to the Apple store to see if there is anything I can do about my poor drowned iphone. *sigh*

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