Monday, July 30, 2012

I love clean diapers!

I find stacks of clean neat diapers are particularly satisfying.  While we were camping this weekend we used Grovia Biosoaker disposable inserts so weren't lugging around a stinky bag of dirty diapers all weekend.  So Friday I made sure all the diapers were clean before we left so we didn't come home to a stinky pail.

Here are the fitted diapers I've made myself. 

This is my stash of Twinkie Tush diapers.  I <3 Twinkie Tush. Her diapers are so adorable and really well made. 

And here is everything stacked on the changing table.  The top row is Bum Genius inserts, cloth wipes,  Green Mountain Diaper Large sized prefolds, and Twinkie Tush Night Nights.  The bottom row is Bum Genius pockets in the monkey box, Fitteds in the middle, and Grovia shells and soakers and assorted covers in the giraffe. 

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