Monday, July 23, 2012

Always on the go

It was a lovely weekend here in Western Mass.

Friday started out kinda dreary... and rainy days always make me want to cook.  So when I got out of bed I made vegan potato salad, vegan gluten free chocolate chip cookies, and a loaf of gluten free bread for our planned trip to Tanglewood.  Though with the rain, I was a little nervous that we wouldn't be able to go.
Micah! Cookies are not for Breakfast. 
Banana Pancakes are for Breakfast.

Munchkin approved

Luckily the rain cleared and we were able to make the trek out to Lenox for a wonderful picnic and evening of music.  Lawn seats on fridays are only $9 and kids are free.  $9 to see the Boston Symphony Orchestra!
Turned out to be a beautiful night

Picnics are serious business

Saturday Micah stayed home with the munchkin while Ian, Michy, Laurel and I went to a really cool workshop at EcoBuilding Bargains on making art out of recycled materials. Got lots of cool inspiration.   EcoBuilding Bargains is an awesome store that sells recycled home building materials.

Saturday afternoon was a meeting for Transcending Boundaries.  Only three months until the conference.

After the meeting we took the munchkin to check out a different playground the next town over.  It was a great playground.  There was a sandbox area, an area for school aged kids, and a preschool area.  The munchkin had a blast! He loved going on the slides.  He particularly enjoys climbing up them and then sliding down on his belly. I just love hearing his exclamations of pure joy.

Sunday I met up with a few of my mom friends to go swimming and then out for brunch with our little ones.  The munchkin is really starting to enjoy the water.  It is a lot of fun to watch him splash and giggle.  He still wants me right by his side, but he is getting more adventurous.  He also loves digging in the sand.

Before brunch we checked out a really cool toy store.  The munchkin was fascinated by the trains. 

Today has been less than productive.  I went out for a meeting this morning that no one bothered to tell me was cancelled. Oh well.  Then I got home to a pretty cranky baby who is finally taking a nap.

Off to get some stuff done while he sleeps.

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