Who am I?

Hi. I'm Aimee... I'm a thirty-something geeky, crunchy gal. 

I live in Western Mass.  Western Mass is an awesome place to live for a geeky, crunchy, hippie kinda gal like me.

I have one kiddo... I call him the munchkin.  I want to teach the munchkin to be a kind, creative, open minded person.

I am queer. I normally prefer the term queer over bisexual, because bisexual implies that gender is binary, which I just don't buy.  I help run the Transcending Boundaries Conference, a conference on gender, sexuality, and relationships.

I'm polyamorous.  This means I engage in multiple romantic relationships with the full knowledge and consent of everyone involved.  I currently live with and co-parent with three partners.  My life isn't nearly as sexy as Showtime would make you think.  There is lots of communication and lots of love.  I mention it because I don't think being poly makes me all that different and I hope this blog will show what it really looks like.

I'm crunchy.  I try to make the natural, eco-friendly choice wherever possible.  It doesn't always happen, but it is my intention.  I buy organic foods, eat a mostly vegan diet, and cloth diaper the munchkin.

I consider myself an attachment parent. For me, this means breastfeeding, co-sleeping, babywearing, and practicing gentle discipline.

I'm a geek.  Sci-fi, gaming, fantasy... yup that is me.  I go to cons and am often a panelist.  I am on the programming staff for Arisia... an awesome sci-fi, fantasy convention held every January in Boston.

I'm crafty, mostly knitting and sewing.

I cook.  I also live in a household of dietary restrictions- from gluten intolerance to pepper allergies to vegans.  It makes cooking a fun challenge, and I like challenges.

I'm training to be a doula.  I think childbirth is an amazing experience and I want to help women have their best birth experience, whatever that means for them.

During the day, I'm a lawyer.  I work mostly at home so that I can be with the munchkin.

So why "adorkable?" Someone called me that at a party once, it made me laugh.  It is an apt description.  I think I'm pretty cute with smattering of dorky, social awkwardness.

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