Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Vision Board

Tonight was the final meeting of a program I've been doing at Heartsong Yoga called the 40 Day Life Makeover, based on the book "40 Days to a Personal Revolution" by Baron Baptise.  The program was 40 consecutive days of yoga, meditation, and mindful eating. 

My thoughts on the actual experience are still a little jumbled, I may have more to blog about in a few days, but I wanted to share our final exercise.  For our last class we pulled out magazines, scissors, and glue and created Vision Boards. The prompt was opened ended- what do we want for ourselves, see for ourselves.   So I flipped through the magazines and pulled out pictures that represented the way I would like to live my life.  Confident yogis, engaged happy families, delicious wholesome food, music, fire, and beautiful surrounds.  It came together quickly and looking at it makes me feel empowered and inspired- which is kind of how I felt about the whole 40 day experience.  Now I need a place to hang it where it will inspire me everyday.


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