Thursday, November 15, 2012

Catching up.

So I missed a day.  *sigh*  I really was planning on blogging once the munchkin fell asleep yesterday, but I got distracted by court-in-the-morning nerves and settled in to watch a show and fell asleep.  My intention had been simply to post a cute picture of the munchkin... so here goes...

I used the Vitamix to make "ice cream" which was really just a couple frozen bananas, a tablespoon of carob, and a little almond milk.  Yummy sweet treat that is super healthy! 

Today was another day in a two week string of long, stressful court days, so I'm feeling a little frazzled tonight.  But I did get a fun pic this morning of Micah in some new socks he was very proud of...


Tomorrow looks to be a much calmer day.  Still lots to do (isn't there always lots to do) but at least I'm not in court in the morning so I may actually be productive. 

Off to bed.


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