Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween

We had a fairly low-key Halloween.  The muchkin, Ian, and I headed down to laurel's to help hand out candy and let the munchkin trick-or-treat in her much more kid-friendly, easy to walk, neighborhood.

The munchkin was dressed as the 11th Doctor... cause I am a nerd.

the past weekend was also the Transcending Boundaries Conference, where this pic was taken.

I made the munchkin's jacket by taking apart a men's tweed jacket I bought at Goodwill for $5 ala this awesome tutorial.  I also made the suspenders and bowtie, again with the help of some great online tutorials.   The sonic screwdriver came from ThinkGeek.

The munchkin had a fun time zipping around laurel's living room on a toy motorcycle.

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