Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday knitting

It's been a pretty mellow Sunday.  With the time change I was wide awake by 6:30, so I got up early to relax with some tea and knitting. 

We headed to church this morning, we attend the nearby Unitarian Universalist church, and I hung out in the nursery with the munchkin while Mich and Ian attended the sermon.  Eventually I'd love to leave the munchkin in the nursery so I can also go hear the sermon, but right now he gets upset if I leave the room... and now that he is older he is far to squirmy to sit in the sanctuary with me.

Once we got home, my parents came for a visit. My mom needed her munchkin time.  Today gave me plenty of time to knit.  I finished the pair of fingerless gloves I was working on and got a start on the mobius scarf using this really neat cast-on.  Cat Bordhi's You Tube tutorial is great. 

"treads" fingerless gloves

Mobius Scarf with Mosiac Moon "To Victory"

Now we are relaxing in front of the TV watching Doctor Who... not a bad end to a weekend.

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