Monday, August 27, 2012

Ready for fall

The mornings are starting to feel cool,  it is getting me excited for the fall.  Autumn always makes me want to knit. 

I love working on stuff for the munchkin, because its pretty instant gratification.  I can cast on a project, and be finished in a week or so.  Though now his inseam is getting kinda long... so longies are taking me a bit more time than they used to.  (time for a squishy newborn to knit for!)

This is what I've been working on the last few weeks.  I just love the look of toddlers and babies in wool pants, and wool works so well as a diaper cover that the munchkin spends most of his time in wool shorties and longies. He always gets compliments about his cute pants.

Gotta love stripes. 

I adore this colorway.  Its Mosaic Moon, Moonlit Grove.  

With cables down the sides. 

And a matching Hudson Hat

Another hat to match the munchkin's favorite shorties, which I'm going to turn into longies once the weather cools. 

The longies were made with the Evie Pants Pattern (which, by the way, I am a licensed knitter for if you are looking for a custom piece).  The hats are Hudson Hats.  Right now I'm working on another pair of longies in orange and green, and have the most gorgeous yarn (again from mosaic moon) waiting for me that will probably be longies, but maybe overalls. 

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