Thursday, August 9, 2012

Party at the Co-op

Yesterday was the staff party for the River Valley Market, the natural foods co-op where Michelle works.  As Michy is the guru of all things HR, she headed the party committee.  It was a family/ friends friendly event so Ian, the munchkin, and I joined her to help set up and celebrate.  I mostly munchkin wrangled.

It was a fun night.  Good food, great music (from a band made up of co-op employees), and plenty of silly games.  Micah joined us once he was done with work and we ate and danced to the music.  The munchkin loved the music.  He was bouncing around and dancing all over the place. 

Micah and I took the munchkin home around 9pm and he slept great after all the partying.
The River Valley Market

Playing peek-a-boo under the picnic table

Watching everyone set up

Playing with a beach ball

The beach ball kept him entertained a good portion of the night.  He kicked it all around the parking lot.

Tonight is the 2nd Hartford X-treme Scramble.  Looking forward to another fun race with Laurel. 


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