Friday, August 17, 2012


This week in our farm share we got over a pound of basil.  A pound of basil goes a long way, so I knew I had to do something with it quickly so it didn't go to waste.  The obvious choice was pesto. I love pesto, it tastes like summer.

I don't really have a pesto recipe.  I always kind of wing it, but it always comes out tasty. 

So here are my guidelines for a tasty vegan pesto:

Ingredients: Amounts are appoximate, I do this by sight/ taste- play with it until it looks and tastes right to you!

Fresh basil- washed and larger stems and flowers removed.  About 3 cups
A nut- pine nuts are traditional, but I don't like them so I use walnuts instead About 1 cup
Garlic- 3-4 cloves
A good quality Extra virgin olive oil- I drizzle this in last until the pesto has a nice texture, about a quarter cup.
Nutritional yeast- about a 1/4 cup
An acidic liquid- lemon juice works, today I did sweet cider vinegar- about a tablespoon
Salt- about 2 teaspoons- more than you think you'll need
I don't use pepper because Ian is allergic, but it would work nicely

Throw everything into your food processor but only about half the olive oil you think you will use, pulse a few moments and give it a taste.  The nutritional yeast, acid, and salt are key here because they replace the tangy, salty Parmesan.  Here is where I play with the ingredient proportions until it tastes right.  I always end up adding more salt than I think I need.  Then start blending, adding olive oil until you achieve a smooth, creamy consistency.  

NomNomNom. The munchkin was eating it with a spoon as I got it into jars. 

We had it with brown rice pasta.

Munchkin approved!


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