Friday, August 31, 2012

Getting ready for the weekend

I've been neglecting blogging this week because I am excited to get ready for our labor day weekend adventures. 

For the last few years Michy and Ian have spent labor day weekend in DC.  Micah and I have done various things- mostly of the outdoorsy/ hiking variety.  Last year we had big plans to do some camping and county high-pointing (which is our totally dorky hobby of attempting to stand on the highest point in every county of the US) in Vermont, but were unfortunately washed out by the hurricane the weekend before. 

This year we decided to play it safe and get a hotel room in New Jersey.  From there we plan on climbing the state high point of New Jersey and visiting the New York Renaissance Festival.

So I've been spending the week preparing. 

Since going gluten and dairy free, getting snacks while on a road trip has gotten much harder.  The munchkin is also not a huge fan of the car seat, so I like to have healthy treats to keep him amused.  So this week I pulled out the dehydrator and  made some easy to grab snacks.  Dehydrated bananas (one of the munchkin's favorites), carrots, and homemade fruit roll-ups.  It was my first time trying homemade fruit rollups and they are so good! So much better than what you can buy in the store.  I'm going to have to get more fruit today and make some more because I am sure we are going to go through these quick.


The other thing I've been up to this week is sewing!  Since we are going to the Ren Faire, the munchkin needed some garb.  So I got some linen and made him a tunic.  Then made him some leggings with some wool interlock (so that later they can double as his pj bottoms.)

toddler sized T-Tunic!
wool leggings. 

Who can resist babies and toddlers in garb?  I promise there will be tutorials for both the fruit roll-ups and the tunic once we return from our long weekend.   Have a great holiday! 


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