Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lazy Weekends

I love lazy weekends.  I don't get nearly enough of them. Our family is normally on the go-go-go, but this weekend was very laid back and refreshing.

Saturday I slept in... until 9am.  It felt amazing. The munchkin may not be the best sleeper, but one thing he does do great with is sleeping in the mornings.  Normally I get out of bed while he is still asleep so that I can complete all those tasks that I can't do with him running around, and at least a couple times I week I take a yoga class while Micah stays in bed with him... but I Saturday I slept until he woke up.  It felt decadent.

Michelle and I went to the fabric store on Saturday afternoon because I had a coupon that was about to expire. I picked up some lining to make a dress with a pretty poplin I had in the closet, some rainbow variegated bulky nylon for my serger, and some cute soft drapey jersey fabric to make another comfy little dress.

Saturday evening we headed out to diner with some friends and hung out at their house watching the Muppet show and the Glee project and let the baby run amok in their living room. 

Sunday I got up early and left the munchkin sleeping next to Micah while I took that drapey black fabric and made a super comfy little black dress with rainbow rolled hems.  I forgot to take a picture and the munchkin just smeared guacamole all over me... so it is going to have to wait until I do another load of laundry.

We spent some time at the lake in the state park this afternoon.  This time we brought toys for the sand and the muchkin loved digging.  He is still not so sure about the water.  He does ok if I'm holding him but he gets nervous easily.  He wanted to nursing constantly.  I eventually sat on the edge of the water and let him nurse, and he splashed with his free hand while he nursed.  He started to get a little chilled from the water so we headed home and he crashed asleep in the car.  I was able to transfer him to the bed without him waking up (yes!) and while he took a nap Michelle and I went to a movie with Laurel and Ian stayed home getting some work done while the baby slept. 

We went to see Brave, which was cute, but not pixsar's best.   After the movie we all took a walk in the park.  The munchkin explored the playground and we put him on the swings for the first time.  He was all smile for about to minutes and then he looked at me and started to sign milk over and over so it was time to get moving.

Speaking of signing over the last few days he's picked up the sign for food and the sign of please and is stringing signs together to make sentences.  more please, milk please, food please.  It is so adorable.  He may not say many words but this kid is certainly learning how to communicate.

I am now relaxing with a glass of wine while the baby plays his storybook with his nana and pepere's voices over and over and over.

Good night!

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