Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Cape Cod Adventures.

Long time no post.  I keep meaning to start up blogging again, then something gets in the way.  But I really like having these post to look back to for all the fun stuff we do.  I can't promise consistency... but I'm going to try to make a better effort!


This weekend was our annual Cape Cod getaway. For the last four years some group of us has ventured to Relaxacon- which is basically a bunch of geeks renting a beach house at a cape cod resort.  It is meant to be a weekend for the people involved in running Arisia (a Boston sci-fi/ fantasy con) to hang out and spend some relaxed time with each other before heavy con prep gets underway.
Micah is the assistant division head for Arisia programming and I am on the programming staff, so we always try to make it to this event.

The Corsair and Crossrip resort is an adorable beachfront hotel in Dennisport, MA.  I adore this place.  The staff is so friendly.  The rooms are spacious and comfortable.  They offer lots of extras- like kitchenettes, free DVD rentals, beach chairs, etc.  Most rooms have a little balcony.  They also have two hottubs, two outdoor pools, an indoor pool, a toddler playground, game room and best of all a private beach.

All week I had been talking to the munchkin about how we were going to the ocean.  So on the car ride out he kept excitedly exclaiming "I going ocean!" When we finally got him there (about a three hour drive from our house) he was so excited to play in the sand and (after a little hesitation) splash in the water.

The munchkin and I spent most of our time on the beach or in the pool (where he is starting to get more daring... getting in and out himself and swimming by himself with his bubble and arm floats.  

enjoying the sand
Munchkin loved the phone in the room. "hello...how doing?  I fine, Bye"
We spent a lot of time on the beach

checking out the Cape Cod Canal before heading home

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