Monday, September 10, 2012

My last week week... in pictures!

So this post is cheating a bit... we've had such a wonderful, but busy, couple of weeks it has been hard to find the time to write.  So instead here are pictures of our end of summer adventures.

There was a scenic drive along the Hudson River,

And a visit to the state high point of New Jersey,

time for Micah to enjoy the view,

there was a visit from a deer (one of three we saw that weekend),

there was breakfast in a hotel room,

and adventures at the NY Ren Faire, 

there was knitting, 

and swordfights,

there was a pitstop at Rosemary's Texas Taco, 

where we ate awesome guacamole,

There was a half bushel of heirloom tomatoes from Red Fire Farm,

and 25 pounds of peaches,

and lots and lots of cooking, 

and herb picking, 

there was some time spent on Squam Lake in New Hampshire, 

there was awesome gluten free beer, 

and more knitting, 

there was some time to relax, eat cookies, and watch the Sound of Music in bed...

at the most adorable motel in Laconia NH,

there was an awesome diner with crayons to play with,

there were ducks to chase,

and finally one last dinner out (with a cool new truck to play with) before heading home. 

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  1. Squam lake? Awesome! My family used to camp there before we moved to where we are now (which is actually about 20 mins from Laconia). :)